YOKAI VIRUS “妖怪ウィルス”

I and frasco.tokyo (Art collective from Tokyo Japan) joined to an exhibition at Shibuya in Tokyo known as most chaotic spot city of Japan.

The theme of the exhibition was “Now”.

We made a huge collage of Tokyo where nobody was outside because of Covid-19.

As making it, we had meeting many times online and offline to create a collage with assembling our own skills such as photography, drawings, alchemy and so on.

And I sent a collage dedicated to my hometown in Tokyo.

The collage is made of “Yo-Kai(Apparition)” drawn by Sekien Toriyama (1712-1788).

He lived in Bunkyo-ku in Tokyo where I grew up.

I made this collage with respect to him and my hometown from The Hague, The Netherlands.

size:W1000mm × H1000mm