A letter to Den Haag

I moved from Tokyo to The Hague with my wife and daughter in 2016. 

When I came to live in The Hague, the painted electricity houses caught me right away and I decided to record all these works of art.

The electricity houses have been organized as one of Street Art project by The Hague Street Art for 10 years.  (http://www.thehaguestreetarttour.com/)

I used all encountered murals to express how I has been attracted by this city as well as history of The Hague Street Art.
(the houses had now been supplemented with ‘normal’ murals).

A project manager of The Hague Street Art saw the collage and found my story so beautiful and strong that he decided to print an edition and original collage has been displayed in their entrance hall.

size:W841mm × H1180mm

Year:2017*Commissioned work